Real Estate, Development, and Reprivatization

We provide legal advice on all real estate matters, particularly:

  • we advise on the sale and purchase of real estate: we draw up, negotiate, and issue opinions on agreements and advise on agreement performance
  • we advise on giving real estate over to third parties for use: we draw up, negotiate, and issue opinions on lease and rent agreements as well as on agreement performance
  • we advise on the establishment of, and removal of encumbrances on real estate, including limited property rights
  • we advise on all civil and administrative law aspects of real estate development, particularly on spatial planning and investment processes
  • we advise on real estate management and commercial use
  • we handle court, administrative, and court-administrative proceedings concerning real estate, including reprivatization claims and investment processes
  • we provide legal advice to former owners of nationalized real estate and their legal successors as well as to current owners of such real estate
  • we carry out legal analysis of nationalized real estate in terms of expediting the initiation, or continuation of already initiated reprivatization proceedings and to develop strategies to defend against reprivatization claims
  • we represent clients in all types of court and administrative proceedings involving nationalized real estate
  • provide full-range services associated with reprivatization claims
  • we provide direct access to specialist services—e.g., searching archive materials (preliminary archive searches), real estate appraisal and management, and land surveying—also in foreign languages

We have extensive experience in legal disputes in the area of international real estate and construction investment projects. We provide support to our clients not only through our legal knowledge and experience but also with our commercial and technical skills.

International Investment Law

We provide:

  • assistance and guidance in the identification of investment possibilities
  • legal advice and representation of clients in acquisitions, takeovers, and other equity transactions, including public ones
  • tenders and privatization
  • all necessary support in setting up a company in Europe, especially in Poland and in Austria

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