Austrian Law

Our legal services covers litigation and administrative proceedings at all stages, in particular:

  • legal advice and representation in the processes both before state bodies and courts in disputes arising from social benefits and labour disputes
  • comprehensive legal assistance in the process of divorce, child custody, division of property, maintenance disputes (cross-border), adoption, partnerships
  • preparation of wills, prenuptial agreements, property regulation in case of death
  • legal advice and representation in claiming damages (medical, traffic, construction, etc.)
  • drafts of contracts
  • legal assistance and representation in criminal cases
  • assistance in establishment of enterprises and commercial companies
  • assistance in medical law, pharmaceutical law, medical devices law, dietary supplements law, food law and cosmetics law
  • legal advice and representation in claiming damages against insurance companies

We also provide legal advice in all matters related to real estate, in particular:

  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • donation of the property to third parties for use
  • establishment and abolition of encumbrances, including limited property rights
  • construction damages
  • advise on construction projects
  • franchise
  • implementation of investment projects from planning to execution and finalization of transactions
  • authorization of construction projects
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