Criminal Law and Commercial Criminal Law

Apart from invaluable experience in handling criminal cases, we also have extensive knowledge in the areas of operations conducted by business entities. Our experience enables us to perform a full analysis of the issues related to business crime and the prevention of the risk of criminal liability.

We focus on representing clients at all stages of prosecution and in all types of court proceedings.

Apart from client representation, we also offer comprehensive assistance as part of conducted proceedings, including:

  • assistance in conducting internal investigations
  • collection of evidence and assessment of its usefulness in the litigation process
  • consultancy aimed at preventing or minimizing the risk of criminal proceedings being conducted in the event of accusations brought against our clients

Our legal services covers:

  • Criminal law
  • Criminal fiscal law
  • Criminal commercial law
  • investigation proceedings
  • proceedings before the Revenue Office
  • proceedings before the Board of Customs
  • proceedings before the Border Guards
  • proceedings before Police Department
  • proceedings before Attorney General’s Office
  • before all kinds of courts at all stages of the proceedings,
  • enforcement proceedings
  • European Arrest Warrant-proceedings
  • Claims before European Court of Human Rights
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